5 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2021


This Blog post is originally just an audio recording of me brain-dumping a blog post idea so that I could write it…well, I am not writing a thing! The following is a cleaned up transcription (somewhat). This post has a duel purpose; one is the content and two is that making content can be easy, you just have to have your style of doing things. I can not sit down and write but I can talk. I highly recommend listening to the video but if your prefer reading, you have that option as well (Im not the greatest with grammar either). 


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Mistake #1: No Strategy

Hey, everybody its Joshua Butrum from Imani Advantage, I just want to go over five digital marketing mistakes that you need to avoid in 2021.


Number one, no strategy. So the story behind that is that I done an audit. A person was doing a Facebook advertising campaign and it was a website traffic [campaign]. I’m looking into it and it is going into the main page, the home page. Now, when I ask “why a website traffic”. You know, obviously, to get traffic and then I say traffic to do what? When the conversation ends right there, that’s an issue. There’s no strategy behind it.


Now, despite all the Facebook advertising tactics that we can talk about, you know, that’s irrelevant. The whole fact is, is that there was no strategy on the end goal of what that campaign was supposed to do. Where was[were] people supposed to fill out a form where they supposed to look at a blog post? Were they supposed to buy something? I don’t know, some some kind of conversion. I mean, like, you know, a conversion essentially is just an action that you really want somebody to take. A conversion, doesn’t really have to have monetary value.


It just means it is a the intended action you want your users to take. So when you don’t think about the overall strategy. You’re going to lose users, you’re going to have low quality traffic, you’re going to have low quality everything. So think about the strategy on your campaigns going forward.

Mistake #2: Focusing on one platform

Number two, you focus on one advertising platform now as much as I love Facebook advertising. I will tell you firsthand that if you only focus on Facebook, you will get disappointed.


Google is a great platform for certain businesses, especially if you are a service business, especially like electricians, plumbers, HVAC.


But if you focus only on Facebook and you put all your eggs in one basket. What’s going to happen when people move platforms? What happens when, you know, I mean, we saw MySpace. Nobody does MySpace anymore. There’s over 100 there’s there’s probably thousands of different social networks. But the point is, is that if you use these networks together, like as an omni-channel marketing. You will reach more of your audience and then you’ll be able to further segment them.


All right. So, you know, looking to the Google look into the Microsoft ads, looking to Twitter, if people are there, if that’s where your target audience is at then go there. And especially if you don’t know where your target audience is, let’s say you absolutely have no knowledge. Just just put some money in a few of the platforms that you think they’re at and and then and then go from there, it’s it doesn’t have to be complicated.


You don’t have to throw in a lot of money in these other platforms. If you throw 100 dollars on Twitter ads and and you get a little bit of traction. OK, cool. Maybe you can expand or never do it again. That’s that’s on you. And that’s for, you know, you or your team to analyze and go from there.

Mistake #3: You think email marketing is dead

Number three, you think email marketing is dead? This is the furthest from the truth. Our email marketing is probably the most cost effective side of marketing that anybody could ever do. All right. The last report that I got was that every dollar spent on email marketing will give you, what, 40 dollars back. All right. And the reason why I bring this up is because e-commerce, for example, there was an e-commerce store that did Facebook ads but didn’t have any email marketing behind them. And it was weird. I mean, what are they doing?


Well, yes, you know, but just imagine how much better they would be doing if they had, you know, abandoned cards, email sequences, or they had those email sequences going back to those warm audiences, those hot audiences to get them to purchase again, you know? So get into the email marketing. Don’t neglect it. Its not just about building a list, like if you build a list of 10,000 people and those 10,000 people are low quality people, then I’m sorry.


But that that that list that’s maybe 100 people but are higher quality is better. So don’t think about this building. We’re talking about high quality, high intent people and put some email marketing out there. You don’t have to be in their inbox every single day if that’s not part of your your brand or service. But but shoot them an email, shoot them email, nurture these people, you know, whether they went from cold to warm or whether they have already purchased from you and, you know, your business would be better for it.

Mistake #4: Lack data analytics

Number four, a lack of data analytics. Now, this, you know, kind of ties into the key point, number one about no strategy, but, you know, when I was looking at this campaign, you know, we’re looking at link clicks [link clicks], I’m like, well, if you really knew Facebook in the manners of link clicks, you know, link links don’t mean that somebody is really looking at your page. Right. So but this goes back to, you know, looking at the analytics as well.


So everybody knows Google Analytics is the standard. It’s the industry standard. And if you don’t have that, which is exactly what this person didn’t have Google Analytics. Then what’s the point of website traffic, so so, you know, can you imagine spending money on a website traffic campaign and then not having Google Analytics but then saying I want more traffic?


Well, where are you seeing the return?


Even at the lowest level. Right. Where are you seeing that return? So, you know, you got to practice, you know, go ahead and do the industry standards get the Google analytics. And and when you get to a point where you’re comfortable with Google Analytics, get into these other programs. I personally use data studio to visualize my my data. It’s free, by the way. So if you set up your Google analytics, you can have Google Data studio and you can look at stuff so you can visualize that data.


But if you’re not looking at any kind of analytics, then how are you making decisions? How are you making data driven decisions? So there’s two ways with that; there’s data driven and then there’s data informed. No matter what, you got to have data. So please, its 2021, there are multiple ways of getting data. There’s no I’m not going to say there’s a wrong way or right way or what programs better or what programs are…terrible.


Just get something, something to analyze your data and if you can have something to visualize it. So be it! There’s people that still use Excel and Google Sheets for it, and it’s effective, do not do any campaigns without any kind of analytics.

Mistake #5: You never thought about the user experience

Number five, you never thought about the user experience. All right, now, this is this list was never like any, you know, a higher importance.


But I really want people to pay attention to this because the user experience for everything is key to getting somebody to come back to you. Let’s say you have a website. The websites not mobile friendly in this ties into a lot of things to me at the Web sites now mobile friendly, but they’re looking at your website  on a phone. Why should they come back? If if they can’t click on certain buttons. Why? Your bounce rate is going to go high, it’s going to go higher up there and…


Not only are they going to bounce from your website, they’re just not going to come back. So really think about the mobile experience. Think about the user experience and in general, you know, and look at it from a desktop perspective, too. All right. But you do have to go into the world mobile first. But, you know, users don’t want to be bombarded with pop ups all the time. I get it, I understand that that’s a great marketing aspect, you know, getting the exit pop ups.


But we know you know what I’m talking about. There’s some sites we go into and it redirects you three times and then you get hit with three pop ups and then it’s just some spammy website. And then on the sides, there’s so many ads from Google Ad Sense because they’re monetizing that site. It makes it really, really slow, slow website. Nothing optimized like it’s not mobile friendly. Especially if it’s an advertising campaign. If you send somebody to a Website, let it be relevant. This goes back to a website, traffic to a home page. If if I like your ad and I click on it and it goes to the home page and I’m getting hit with an about section. I see an eye contact. I see a service tab. There’s so many different options for me. So think about the user experience. If I clicked on something, especially if it’s a service, then guess what? I want to go to the landing page of that service. Do not neglect the user experience, especially in the matters of your website. And you know, for 2021, I don’t think people can afford to waste time, money or opportunity by doing, you know, mediocre marketing. This whole iOS 14 thing is going to separate the pros from the Joes, that’s the truth. Other than that, I appreciate you listening to me, but keep it real, keep it simple and automate when you’re able to.

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