The simple answer is that people spend a lot of time online. If there was way to reach new customers with a push of a button, its most definitely in the digital world. Digital platforms allow for you to promote your brand, products, services, etc. that are easier to analyze than more traditional methods.

Imani Advantage only offers month-to-month agreements. We don’t believe in holding you hostage to a contract for long periods of time. At your request, we can set up long term agreements if that is suitable for your business.

This really depends on multiple factors such as your product/service, your website, technical issues, reputation, etc. The bottom line is that every campaign requires patience. We typically tell our clients that they can expect to see ROI within their first 90 days with us, we have to constantly test and optimize to get the best results. Overall, we are not Facebook or Google. We are simply players in their game.

This is one of the first questions we ask during the Imani Onboarding Process. On our strategy session, we define what success means for YOUR business! We create a 30, 60, and 90 day strategy that you approve of and we base our success on those projections.

For a new client, our goal is to start within one week but should be no later than two weeks. This depends on the on-boarding process primarily and if all documentation is provided in a timely manner (we have a process to make sure on-boarding is easy). If the process is delayed, the longer it takes for us to start. If you keep up with communication in our project management tool, then we should have no problem as everything is in a central location.

All of our plans are tailored to your needs. Now, we understand people want to see a set price point but what we can give you is a price range and what the majority of clients have paid. The price range for Done-For-You services is $947 – $3000. The average has been $1497 per month. We hope this gives you a better understanding!

There is a trend of some agencies that will include advertising budget in their pricing, which means they will pay on your behalf. We don’t think this is a great practice OR ethical for that matter. Money spent on advertising should benefit you, not us! You should be able to access that data and analyze it. These types of agencies can easily leverage the historical data to keep you on-board, you should be free to leave ANY business deal…including with us.