Imani – What is it?

Imani means “Faith” in Swahili and  more specifically “My Faith” in Arabic defines “Faith” as – complete confidence in a person or thing


In challenging times, sometimes the only thing we have is Faith to motivate us. This faith allows us to run an extra mile, apply for the better position, or start a business that you’ve always wanted. The faith that we apply in our everyday lives is the easiest opportunity to influence others in a positive way. This is what we have to remember ESPECIALLY in the matters of business. Reflect on what principles you hold faithfully and how you can show this in your business or your organization. What inspires you to keep the momentum?

Imani Advantage is all about helping businesses and organizations that help others in their daily lives. The Business Consultant that uses faith-based principles to enhance a strategy, the Life Coach that takes scripture from the Bible or Qu’ran and reminds people about the deeper meaning in life, and even local faith based organizations that nurture our communities so that we can build together. We support a more optimistic worldview and we realize that nothing is impossible if we have faith in each other to build positive relationships, impacting daily lives with everlasting influence.

“There is always an advantage through Faith”