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Our Task Was

The overall objective was to help manage this MilSim (military simulation) community on military doctrine for “training” purposes. With the intent to make the community more immersive.



This was a newly formed group and so for a MilSim there are a few things that have to be done prior to gaining more members:

  • Had to advise on creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that there was a foundation to train from
  • Group owner wanted a simple website made just so that when people sign up, it could be automated (Lead Generation!)
    • Created a membership form
    • Integrated a calendar so they could set an appointment for a TeamSpeak “Onboarding”
    • On completing the form, it redirects to a “Welcome Aboard” document that they can follow before the TeamSpeak interview
  • Monitor this system of membership applications
  • Fine tune any military skills training



The key results are the following for this community:

  • Membership went from 3 to 38 members for this very niched based community
  • Simple website created to automate membership and for information
  • The membership process was automated
  • SOPs were created and used properly
  • The owner of the group had a few life changing events happen and the group continued to grow in his absence
  • Discord channel created for easier communication offline
  • Teamspeak channel created for online gaming sessions


Not everything in life has to be strictly work! This project allowed for us to use business style lead gen tactics in the gaming world.

Lead generation systems can indeed be implemented by ANY industry!


  • ClientAn Online Gaming Community (Military Simulation)
  • CategoryCommunity, Gaming
  • Start DateJanuary 2019
  • End DateAugust 2019
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