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A Home Security and Fire Alarm company located in New York City, New York. Security Alarm services consisted of monthly packages ranging from $24.99 – $74.99 per month.

Our Task Was

The overall objective was to help set up a Lead generation System so that the sales pipeline could gain momentum using Facebook Advertising. The Business Owner had issues with gaining leads from foreign countries via Instagram and Facebook as well. Even though the system for Home Security could also be applied for Businesses, using Facebook and Instagram to target home owners would be best for the business.



Creating a simple lead generation system via Facebook Advertising is the easy part, the complication come into play in the matters of lead quality and sales process. We need to make the system that is effective so that the Sales team can make a quick follow-up:

  • Created and Setup a proper Ad Account for the business
  • Created a Facebook Lead Generation campaigns targeting only the service areas for the business
  • Setup automations so that new leads would go directly to their CRM
  • New leads would also create a notification within the system
  • Sales team were tasked to make contact within 15 minutes max
  • Lead Generation campaigns would be optimized by using the best performing copy and creative
  • Create a dashboard for data Visualization



The key results from June 1st through July 9th 2021 is:

  • Figured out using the “Boost/Promote” button was targeting countries in South East Asia automatically
  • Fixed Google My Business profile to have the correct categories for the New York based business
  • Leads information (Name, email, phone number, and zip code) were automated into CRM
  • 61 Leads in the period
  • Cost Per Lead is currently $13.68 with a July average of $10.08, indicating the CPL is going down
  • Stopped all advertising from Boosted/Promoted Posts
  • A simple and Automated Marketing System to make it easier for the owner and keep the Sales team busy



After setup of automations and fine-tuning the lead generation campaigns, we were able to properly do a handover. The business was advised to maintain ad campaigns and to rotate ad copy/creatives to prevent ad fatigue. Also, make new campaigns for any future deals. The Data Visualization report also helped the Team understand what posts on Facebook and Instagram were getting the best engagement. In 40 days, this business had more quality home security leads than ever before.


  • ClientHome Security Company
  • CategoryFacebook, Lead Generation, Security
  • Start DateJune 2021
  • End DateJuly 2021
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