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Period: December 2019 – January 2020

Client: A Startup Entertainment Business and Community

Subject: Event Marketing

A niched based entertainment group that is just starting out for touring the country. Emphasis on Events but also has merchandise being sold to re-invest in event promotion.

Our Task Was

The overall objective was to promote a future event and get as much attention as possible. Client also has an e-commerce store with Shopify but it wasn’t priority in the matters of a huge event. We are also tasked with monitoring organic page growth and see what content gains the most reach for the Facebook Page.


Ideally, we like to test, optimize, then scale. As this is an ongoing project with an extremely tight budget. Every move has to be calculated. We had to have days of operating on minimal budget instead of just stopping ads.

  • Set up pixels on proper websites
  • Assisted in making a copy and used a popular creative that the community loved to use for our initial event promotion ads
  • Tested ads on 3 different audiences. All within the local area up to 50 miles
  • Tested a short Christmas sale for 33% off the ticket price
  • Operated at minimal budget after the 26th to enhance on New Years Day
  • Started targeting warmer audiences + successful cold audience around January 3rd, 2020



The key results (January 25th, 2020) is:

  • About $566 spent in advertising
  • Purchases via Facebook resulting in about $810
  • Event attendance at 188 people throughout the night
  • Cost per event response is at $0.81
  • Using the community of 26K followers, we were able to target group members in the local area
  • 671 Event Responses for Interested/Going within 50 miles of venue
  • Page is gaining roughly 200 likes per month with a 5% growth rate
  • Facebook Group is growing at a slightly higher rate


This was an amazing event and fun people to work with! The event brought in roughly $3800!

On Facebook Purchase ROAS = 1.50

Actual ROAS (offline + online) = 6.73


What We Could Do Better

We did not have access to the EventBrite Page to get all the offline data so that the ROAS would reflect the proper numbers because a lot of people went to the event and paid on site. This event was exclusively promoted using Facebook Ads and due to it being a huge Facebook Group, everybody that went to the event is in the group.

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