Helping purpose-driven brands build lifetime customers

Although we keep our operation small, we enjoy the closer and tight-knit relationships we make with others. We’ll help your businesses attract, engage and delight your target audience by driving more traffic to your website, optimizing for conversions, and creating strategies to nurture relationships with your customers. Combine the multiple avenues of approach and you create a great growth marketing machine!

Digital Marketing

Specializing in Facebook and Google Marketing strategies, we leverage multiple channels to enhance your advertising goals.

Community Management

It is time to tame those Facebook groups! With a little bit of nurturing, community management can pay off big time.

Marketing Automation

Having systems in place is essential to automating your workflow and gaining more business. Ask about our PaaS!

Virtual Events

We're ready to help you host your next successful event! We'll make sure that people keep coming back for more.


Don't lone wolf it -- We offer training and support to enhance your marketing and sales systems.

Data Visualization

Google Data Studio is an amazing tool to visualize your data. Data-driven decisions will be key to business growth!


Reports Sent




Relationships Made

Connect with your customers by creating authentic, simple but impactful experiences

We believe that customer experience is just as important as customer acquisition. Our team are here to help you keep your customers in the moment by creating authentic and simple experiences.

Your customers are already talking about you on Facebook. Let’s give them a reason to go deeper!

Benefits For Your Business

There are many benefits for you to outsource some or all of your marketing tasks. Outsourcing can bring innovation and expertise to your business or organization. Sometimes adding fresh minds can be what will free you from monotony.

An outsourced team also means the ability to grow! There are only so many hours in the day, if you operate by yourself or a team with limited skills, then your growth will get to the point of being stagnant.

We work with you like a partner! Your success is our success!

There are only two paths to choose with us...

The Local Advantage System

The Local Advantage is a 3 month marketing service where we will setup and fine-tune a marketing system for your business. With Imani Advantage, you will receive personalized monthly training with our team to help you grow your online presence. Our goal is to have a smooth marketing and sales system in 3 months for a proper hand-off to your internal team. This is a perfect option for local businesses and solo entrepreneurs that are overwhelmed with all the marketing tech out there!

After 3 months, there is just a low monthly service fee for consulting, system maintenance, and data reports! If you want to continue management  services after the three month period, we can discuss reasonable options for you.

Customized Growth Plans

Our Growth Plans are the "Done-For-You" option. We embed ourselves with your team(s) to enhance your business growth and marketing campaigns. We offer a variety of services including Media Buying and Planning, Community Management, Marketing Automation, Organizational Development, and more to achieve success!

Now, we understand people want to see a set price point but what we can give you is a price range and what the majority of clients have paid. The price range for Done-For-You services is $947 - $3000 per month. The average has been $1497 per month. We hope this gives you a better understanding!


No Hidden Charges!

So check it out, we only have two options for service. As we like to work with both purpose-driven brands/organizations and local businesses, we want everyone to have a great experience with us. The two options have a very distinct audience but if you have any questions, please fill free to contact us OR schedule a free Acceleration Session.

Custom Plan

  • Ads Management
  • Online Marketing Setup/Optimization
  • Consulting Sessions
  • Virtual Events Planning
  • Marketing Automation
  • Community Management
  • Data Analytics Report
  • and MORE
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Local Advantage System

  • Ads Management
  • Business Automation Platform
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local Citations
  • Online Marketing Setup/Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reputation Management
  • Consulting Sessions
  • Data Analytics Report
$500/month For Three Months