So What Is The Imani “Advantage”?

Marketing for your business is not a “one and done” method. It takes continuous creation, monitoring, optimization, and strategy to the right people and with the right message. There will be times where your marketing efforts will have little or no effect, but in other cases, your efforts will show an amazing return of investment (ROI). No matter what you may believe, at some point in your business, you will need to either create a marketing strategy or make adjustments to your strategy so you can continue to grow! In our modern age, marketing through digital means is a more cost-efficient way of reaching potential and established customers.


Why should you invest in digital marketing? The simple answer is…that is where your customers are. Most people spend their time online. You can promote your brand, your products, your service, etc. through digital platforms that are easier to track compared to newspaper ads, tv commercials, and other means that were done in the past. No matter what size of your company, digital marketing is beneficial to your business when done strategically.


1) We work with you

You don’t just get a specific service from Imani Advantage…you gain a partner! We believe in working with you 100% and want to witness the growth as well. Practicing exclusivity, we won’t work with any other company that is a competitor or offers similar services in your area. It is as simple as that really. Offering extremely personalized service, our success is shared. No matter if you are an entrepreneur that needs to offload some tasks, a small business owner that wants to enhance their marketing team, or a marketing agency that needs to outsource fulfillment…we got you covered!


Some services we offer for Local Business Owners and Marketing Agencies Include:



2) Cost-Efficiency

In matters of digital marketing, there are three decisions that one can make to ensure they have the right people on their team:

  • Hire an internal marketing team
  • Work with a contractor/freelancer
  • Work with a marketing agency

There are pros and cons for any of those choices but it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and your future business goals. Lets briefly go over the pros/cons of all choices.


Internal Marketing Teams (Pros and Cons)


  • Internal Marketing Teams are 100% dedicated to your business and nobody else. They are your employees and would be committed to that one role for your business.
  • Theoretically, tasks should get done quickly due to the fact that they are most likely in the same office building.
  • In general, employees tend to stay longer with a company. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January 2018, employee tenure was slightly more than 4 years!


  • You had to hire them, which comes with important factors such as payroll, taxes, benefits, amongst other processes that one should not neglect. The cost of hiring someone (depending on the level of responsibility) can range between $45K – $80K per year with some senior-level positions that can go be $100K+! Employees cost more than just a salary.
  • You most likely need more than one person, driving up expenses tremendously. The cost of one employee is generally way more expensive than contractors or agencies.
  • Employee and workplace issues are going to happen eventually and you are responsible to solve any issues. Internal processes with human resources, conflict management, paperwork, performance issues, and even firing people are things that are going to eventually come up.
  • Employees are going to have to get trained if they are junior/entry-level hires


Contractors/Freelancers (Pros and Cons)


  • Contractors are not your employees so they aren’t subject to the payroll taxes and employment laws like an employee.
  • Contractors bring a more personalized and specialized service, which is a great benefit over an agency.
  • Service Agreements can be easily terminated with contractors and in some cases, Contractors work on a project basis.


  • Contractors are limited by their own skills and capacity. If you need multiple roles filled then the only logical solution is to either get more contractors or go the agency route.
  • Contractors can be free to work with other clients. Even though this is not a huge issue for most if you want someone to be exclusive to your business than an employee may be the best option.
  • Contractors aren’t always the cheapest option, it is up to you to figure out if that cost is appropriate for your business. Some extremely experienced contractors can cost just as much as an employee or an agency.


Marketing Agencies (Pros and Cons)


  • Agencies are generally great at adapting to the situation. For example, if a few members of the agency are sick or on vacation, your agency will make sure the tasks are done accordingly without any hesitation. They should have processes in place for those situations.
  • Agencies can provide a full service to achieve your marketing goals. They will have the media buyer, copywriter, designer, and other relevant roles ready to work with you.


  • Some agencies have long-term contracts. This isn’t necessarily a negative but there is a trend of initial month-to-month service agreements that many people see long-term contracts as a “turn off”. The fact is that the keyword is moderation…having year long contracts are disgusting but an initial month-to-month contract is just as bad because the first month is almost always the “Set-Up” month, giving business owners a false sense of expecting the best return (which is one reason why agency retention rate is low). Some of the best agencies usually have a 3-6 month initial contract then go month-to-month afterward.
  • Some agencies aren’t the fastest in communication. They have to balance other clients as well that should greatly exceed that of an independent contractor.

No matter what, in all cases, you still have to have someone (or yourself) ensure the employee/contractor/agency performs in a way that aligns with your companies goals, culture, and values. This can be very time-consuming in the beginning but as the relationship is built, you should start seeing the benefit of your chosen path. 

3) Positioning Ourselves To Be A Hybrid

It is clear that we are not an agency or follow the agency model of business…we are just a small team. We do the fulfilling of all tasks. Blending in the personalized touch of an employee, the specialization of a contractor, and using simple processes like an agency, we can be an advantage for your company in the matters of digital marketing. 

We are extremely flexible as well! You may need us for a certain project or you may eventually need us on a retainer basis. We have to know and understand your needs to be on the path to success.


So, Why Work With Us?

There are different benefits of working with us depending on if you are a small business owner or an agency that needs help with fulfillment. 


For a small business owner that needs assistance in their digital marketing efforts on a consulting, project basis, or Done-For-You, the following are just some of the benefits:

  • Extremely personalized service that is tailored to your business goals
  • You gain more time to focus on “business growing” activities and not trying to figure out you next campaign
  • When your needs outgrow our service, we will most definitely help you find and vet an agency that is willing to provide the best service for you
  • We NEVER recommend going straight to our Done-For-You services first like most agencies do. We prefer to follow our process to ensure we educate primarily. Our services escalate starting from streamlining your lead generation systems, consulting, then Done-For-You marketing services.


For marketing and virtual assistant agency owners the following are some of the benefits that we can provide:

  • Enhance your agency services offered, this allows for an increased workload to be fulfilled
  • 100% transparency and Improved communication compared to most White-Label Partners. You know exactly who you are working with at all times and we will use your preferred communication channel/media
  • You have more creative control and direction for your agency through a personalized service. Some White-Labels do as they please without any consulting/approval
Infographic_ SME or Agency - Imani Advantage
What is the Imani “Advantage” infographic


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