Joshua Butrum

picture of Joshua Butrum

Media Buyer/Planner

I am a career military service member (US Marines and US Army) with a passion for digital marketing! I know, two completely different industries, but how did I even get involved in marketing? Well, I have always been enthusiastic to help others in my community. When you are given the opportunity to take a little stress off of someone’s shoulders because you are managing ads on Facebook or Google…best believe that feeling is priceless!

As I continue my path in digital marketing, enhancing my skills, and connecting with the most amazing people, please feel free to contact me. I value connecting with others and truly believe everybody has something to offer to make the world a better place.

Skills at a glance:
­čö╣Facebook Advertising
­čö╣Google Advertising
­čö╣Training & Development
­čö╣Online Business Management
­čö╣Project Management
­čö╣Military and Protective Services
­čö╣Organizational Development
­čö╣Team Building

Some Interests:
­čÄ« Casual Gamer (PC)
­čîŹ Learning Languages (Arabic and French)
­čÄô Education


Media Buying/Planning
Virtual Events Management
Community management
Local SEO
Training & Development